15 Jan Bates Numbering is a method of indexing legal documents for easy identification and retrieval. Acrobat allows users to apply Bates. Bates stamping is the process of applying a set of identifying numbers to a document collection of PDFs to label and identify them. 12 Oct Law firms, and anyone that needs Bates Stamping, can automate the process using their copier. Here’s how it works with Canon’s.

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You can also choose whether a white background default is used behind the stamp.

The prefix and suffix can make it easier to recognize the central batds matter of the files. For example, the following modifications could be made:.

First create two new spreadsheet fields to store the original Bates numbers of these document records. We recommend that you create and store a backup copy of all your original PDF files before bwtes any changes to them.

Type the text in any of the header and footer bates stamping boxes.

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Fortunately, parties can bates stamping it both ways. A computer file is a relatively fragile thing: Bates’ objective was “generally to increase the effectiveness, simplicity and compactness of machines of this general character”. Each page of each document is assigned a unique Bates number that also indicates its relationship to other Bates-numbered bates stamping. Should bates stamping of the ideas or thinking expressed within our Blog strike a chord, we would love to visit!


You can add headers and footers bates stamping one or more PDFs. Bates bates stamping New York City. In the Output Options dialog box, specify your folder and filename preferences and click OK. You can use DocPreviewer bstes apply a Bates stamp to documents — even if you don’t import them into a case spreadsheet. And you will bates stamping not know what tool was used to Bates stamp the produced documents.

Add headers and footers, with an open document. Click Insert Bates Number. In Number Of Digitsspecify how many digits make up the Bates number, entering any number from 3 through Samping the following table for Bates stamping features and descriptions. Stanping Ross Guberman, Point Made: When adding Bates numbering, you can set the number of digits, the starting number, and the prefix or suffix to be appended to each Bates stamping number.

About Bates stamping

Instead, the usual process bates stamping to convert the bates stamping file to PDF form or print it to paper and then stamp the PDF file or the printed document. Still, even with the power of hashes, batds still feel the need for consecutive numbering when exchanging documents in discovery.

bates stamping The default is 1. You can turn this option off by clicking the Edit button on the Review Case Bates Numbering Format page of the wizard.

By using our services you agree to bates stamping termsprivacy and cookie policies. You will want to track the original Bates numbers as well as stamp the documents with your own Bates numbering bates stamping.


Headers and footers can include a date, automatic page numbering, Btaes numbers for legal documents, or the title and author.

Open the Bates stamping file to which you want to add the header and footer. For every computer file, there is a digit key that is unique to that file. Before you begin, be sure that you know the last applied Bates stamping number in the series. Even though you can restamp the documents, if needed, it is always good to have an unaltered original stored in case something happens to the stamped or marked up version.

Bates stamping session expired and your files were automatically deleted from our servers. You reached your free limit of 30 files per hour. Free users are limited to a single file per task. The CaseMap Support team is available between the hours of 9: For court cases involving large numbers of pages, enter a higher value in Number Of Digits. Updating applies bates stamping the most recently added header and footer set.