Buy Equalizers: 4 (Black Medicine) by N. Mashiro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Mashiro’s Self-Defense and Vital Points Black Medicine 1: The Dark Art of Death The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are . Actually Chinese White Medicine is touted as being excellent for treating a variety of ailments. I have never heard of Black Medicine though.

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Just use the hatchet to punish any limb the attacker presents to you. If any first aid is to be applied it must come before this time limit, Figures 9 and Mashiro May Introduction Power of blows: I have seen news reports of people being attacked with swords actually, I remember a case in England where attackers were fought off by a bystander with a samurai sword who disappeared after saving the victim, never to be seen againbut what is the likelihood?

The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are extremely dangerous. Black Medicine Book 4 Paperback: In addition, the coccyx is a vestigial part of the spine and as such is innervated directly by a spinal nerve which descends from the extreme tip of the spinal cord. Additional Details Series Volume Number. That’s a AAA-cell flashlight in his hand.

Therefore, they are presented for academic study only. IMHO there’s some truth there but I also suspect some of it may be bullshido. The author has occasionally amused his friends by neatly slicing coconuts in two with the “knife edge” of his hand, and he has no doubts about what would happen If he applied the same blow to the side of someone’s head.

Jan 10, Aaron Meyer rated it it was amazing.

Excerpts from Black MedicineVolume 3 One second he has you by both wrists. The stomach may be forced to regurgitate its con- tents by a blow to this region.


Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death No. 1 by N. Mashiro (1978, Paperback)

A full second to work with is more than enough time for a desperate karateist to land several potentially lethal blows. Read more Read less. The eleventh and twelfth ribs are the “floating ribs. ComiXology Maehiro of Digital Comics. See details for description of any imperfections. Sternocleidomastoid muscle and the Masjiro nerve: Military manuals in particular are very poor sources of information about vital points.

A knuckle blow to the soft spot immediately beneath the ear will bruise this nerve, producing startlingly severe pain and possibly some disorientation due to the shock to the inner ear. I was looking for Dark arts magick not what I expected.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? About four inches to the right of the solar plexus. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible. This volume is my course on mediclne self-defense.

The book is very precise, starting from top to bottom. The thick bundle of tendons extending down from the bicep into the hollow medicune the elbow boack be injured by a chop, or severed by a heavy “sabre cut” with a Bowie knife.

In this ‘shock window’ you have ample time to turn and run. If he attacks you again, remember to let him feel the edge of the knife every time he sticks out a hand or foot. Someone gave me a copy a long time ago and I found it again when I cleaned up my book shelves. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Editor-in-chief James John Boyd Coates. The sciatic nerve gives rise to the peroneal nerve and the tibial nerve, hence a kick to the gluteal fold will interfere with muscu- lar control of the back of the thigh and the entire lower leg and foot. The soft spot just below the stomach.

Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death No. 1 by N. Mashiro (, Paperback) | eBay

Carotid sinus and Vagus nerve: Of primary impor- tance is the femoral nerve, which innervates the sartorius and quadriceps femoris muscles. Within a fraction of a second the central nervous system has acted in turn to decrease blood pressure in the body by caus- ing four things to happen: You can put painful pressure on his elbow joint by levering upward on his wrist with your left hand the right hand helps, too. May not include supplemental items like discs, access codes, dust jacket, etc.


Flurries of punches to the face and body can be generated at upwards of six punches per second. It was also found that al- though some of the higher velocity bullets comparable to to- day’s magnums could produce explosive brain wounds there was no need for the added destruction. I shot my photos on the street, in cars, in bedrooms, and tried to make a single photo focus on the critical part of the technique.

Mashiro’s four books are referenced in Dr. To those of you who read this manual with a sense of shock, horror, and rising nau- sea I dedicate this book. There is a soft spot in the back of the upper arm about an Inch up from the point of the elbow, beneath which lies a portion of the ulnar nerve.

Vital Points of the Leg and Foot Inguinal region: Bruce Clayton’s Shotokan’s Secret. The researchers found that larger pistol bullets in general produced more dangerous wounds since the wound channel was large in diameter and did not close easily when the various layers of skin and muscle re-arranged themselves af- ter wounding.