*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the first volume of the Blood of Kerensky trilogy, the five warring Successor States of the Inner Sphere confront a new. Started by Morgan Kerensky, May 30 PM paper BT books are long out of print sadly, but you can get an e-Book Omnibus version. Blood Legacy by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 2. Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 3. BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky Omnibus by Michael A.

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MechWarrior and Battletech are registered trade-marks of Microsoft Corporation and are used under license. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. The Fourth Succession War continues and Justin Allardnow a high-ranking member of Capellan intelligence, blooc to repel Davion invaders and deal with a possible spy.

The following novels occur during the era of MechWarrior: You can get the full trilogy, as well as a whole bunch of Ombibus other Battletech novels, over at epubbud. Wolf’s Dragoons have seen and done it all. Grayson Death Carlyle was the young son of the commander of Carlyle’s Commandos, a mercenary unit employed by the Lyran Commonwealth. Omnibis fledgling Gray Death Legionformed in the fighting on Trell I, takes on their first assignment: The novel focus on world of Hall which the Stealthy Tigers were contracted to end civil war accruing on the planet.

Series: BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky

Now she conquers in the name of the Draconis Combine. Will they take the opportunity to reconnect with their sundered brethren in the Republic? Kai Allard-Liaoson of the great Justin Xiang Allard and Candace Liao, fears he can never live up to the tremendous legacy of his parents.

Submit a new text post. Book three of The Jade Phoenix Trilogy. Omnibs Agehas been renamed Battletech: Log in or sign up kerennsky seconds. The two survivors learn that they unwittingly guarded a nuclear weapons cache, and embark on an undercover mission to hunt down the perpetrators before the stolen nukes can be used for terrorist attacks.


BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky | Awards | LibraryThing

Raised among royalty in the Magistracy of Canopus, where the superiority of women is a cultural axiom, Danai Liao-Centrella possesses glood the confidence necessary for her to ascend through the Confederacy ranks, despite having to contend with the constant machinations of her maniacal brother, Daoshen. This book exists blopd as a e-book and was never published in print. The Gray Death Legion detaches themselves from the planet Glengarry, and takes service with their erstwhile enemy, the rebellious governor of Hesperus.

I spent about 4 hours running around used book stores today looking for it Parts of this article those related to Catalyst Game Labs need to be updated. The rebels bring in nuclear weapons at the climax and Masters is installed as the noble ruler. Can they bring Hesperus back into the Lyran Alliance, or will they destroy the factory they swore to protect? But in the wake of their victory, Victor Steiner-Davion reveals the true goal of their fight: With the help of the talented and beautiful local medical examiner, Amanda Slade, Ramsey digs into the case and discovers evidence that puts Farway at the heart of a conspiracy.

Book three of The Blood of Kerensky Trilogy. Blood Legacy by Michael A.

Part 3 of the Andurien O,nibus series. Hello Everyone, I’m trying to find the Blood of Kerensky Omnibus pdf epub or print that was linked back in And Danai is about to learn that in service to the state, even family comes second to safeguarding the Capellan Confederation.

Blood of Kerensky

When ComStar challenges the Clans to one final decisive battle on the planet Tukayyid, Aidan gets one last shot at redemption. Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read. Book seven of The Twilight of the Clans series.

Ives Compact worlds, but as the fighting continues into a bloodier conflict both sides are left to wonder what they are fighting for. Having Marik and his forces at her side gives Jessica much-needed credibility and greater influence on Oriente.


Book two of The Capellan Solution. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. So, I’ve been wanting to read the Blood of Kerensky trilogy for a while now. Victor Steiner-Davion leads his battered, but victorious forces to Strana Mechty, and begins the bidding process for the Clan invasion itself.

Time Period covered – December to June He is set up to be killed in battle, and is captured by enemy mercenaries. Anyone have any insight? Epsilon Eridani is being raided by pirates.

The first real test of this new-found sense of cooperation is the defense of Luthien, capital world of the Draconis Combine.

Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. A novel of the FedCom Civil War.

The Dark Age-era series, originally known as Mechwarrior: Chancellor Daoshen rewards her failure by giving her a battalion of her own and a brand-new battlefield. But just what is the ultimate objective of the Clans?

Blood of Kerensky Omnibus

You cannot reply to this topic Go to kf unread post. The “Common Knowledge” section now includes a “Series” field. The novels take place in the fictional BattleTech universe of the 31st and 32nd centuries and can be considered space opera. The BattleTech novels by Robert Thurston are more straightforwardly sf, specifically space opera.

Related events Clan Invasion. Time Period covered – 12 November to 2 March Now he goes on his death bed, after years of radiation and unimaginable wounds from the Mech cockpit.