Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work, and Travel. Short version: there’s a new manifesto you should read. It’s by my longtime friend Jonathan Fields, and is all about a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship. Hello everyone, thank you for reading my manifesto on world domination. Here is the first-ever Art of Nonconformity video update! I should warn you first that this.

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Don’t Just Build a Business; Start a Revolution

Well, thanks to Seth Godin, today has been Chris Guillebeau day for me — since first thing this morning when I found out about your Days post to now the World Domination Guide I had to laugh, I am constantly toying with my readers that I am after World Domination — I am a little more clear of the direction I need to go.

I’m just not one for self-help literature but even with that in mind, this book ends up being more about how to do exactly what the author does. Just don’t be that person who is insecure because you didn’t go to college. I am a firm believer that you get out what you put in — if Chris Guillebeau had put more effort into connecting with his college teachers and colleagues instead of speeding through as quickly as possible, I think he would have found it very rewarding.

I literally stumbled on to the website but it is perfect for what I am thinking about right now so I guess there was a little fate involved there. There are lots of ways to formulate a plan of attack.

Don’t Just Build a Business; Start a Revolution : The Art of Non-Conformity

I am in the middle of transitioning from conventional to unconventional living- ONe foot in the old camp and one in the NEW! But I spent a lot of time with my Dad until he died. With your help maniresto inspiring words, I have the plan, am ready to execute it, and you will be hearing about me someday soon too!


Twenty years of marriage ended in the next year and I am raising my daughters.

Great Manifesto — I have been truely inspired. Sloppy boilerplate, cliched idealist phrases with no practical or actionable advice.

So the backstory must come into buillebeau I suspect. I would be risking more lives than my own. It was exactly what I needed. My blog, and my journey toward an unconventional life, has just begun, and I am very thankful for people like you who are helping me accomplish it. I have been depressed and I have been happy.

There is a serious imbalance of power and money. I wonder how many people will read the manifesto and believe they agree, but still never move their feet. Your message is really important as most people these days have very little focus in life. Now he proclaims that most of college is busywork and he didn’t learn much of anything not surprising given his strategy.

I was delighted when it turned up, and jumped into it for inspiration, as I am in the process of setting mwnifesto to build my own online business – I too wish to live an unconventional life and work for myself while spending a large portion of my life travelling. I want to travel, and I want to be able to love everyone too. Thanks Chris for this fabulous writing! Sep 11, Stephen rated it it was ok.

World Domination : The Art of Non-Conformity

Quotes from The Art of Non-Co View all 4 comments. This has taken me months to do so I am SO excited. Not surprisingly, the students who were described by teachers as “studious” were more likely to have prestigious jobs. Well done and thanks. His writing tone can be a useful kick in the pants to do something other mnaifesto just go to work at watch TV, and he does provide some good, alternative ideas on how to live a more interesting life, but too much of the good stuff is buried among filler and gullebeau comes off as bragging.

How do you recruit your army, I’m not sure because Chris leaves this inconsequential step out. Another problem is this: Those of us with the good fortune to follow our own paths, to think independently and with a global perspective, enjoy a wealth of experiences and achievements that transcend economic success.


Not for myself, but for the world — because we need a long tail of government. I do my best writing with a pen on a legal pad, so be sure to have plenty of pens and paper around even if you guillebeai prefer the computer. Awesome manifesto, and a very nice website overall. I read your manifesto and enjoyed it thoroughly. It is artist like yourself that truly motivate and bring out the good in others.

A lot of it is using the resources available. Starting with 3 specific countries: Thank you very much and good luck with all of your travels! I like both your accessible, entertaining writing style and your ideas.

I want to travel, volunteer, garden, read, bake, cook, spend time with family and friends. This Command Center—you can call it a workspace, if you want to guillebsau traditional—must enable you to do all the work you need to do to accomplish your goals.

I would not recommend this book to anyone. The chapter that spoke to me the most was his suggestion for a low-cost alternative to graduate school that includes rigorous independent study, global travel, work experience, networking opportunities and blogging as a way to document it all to build credibility.

And we never know when there could be no tomorrow. Though the book is peppered with quotes often without citing sources from the likes of Einstein and Thoreau, how these non-bloggers practiced their art of non-conformity is not examined. Realy I want to thank you.