Crimson Rapture By Jennifer Horsman – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Jennifer Horsman and Jaime Flowers are a mother-daughter writing team and enthusiastic vegetarian advocates. Jennifer Horsman is a well published writer. Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman – book cover, description, publication history.

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An altercation arises and justin allows his men to beat and gang rape her. Feb 12, Splage rated it liked it Crimson rapture jennifer horsman it raptur Ia merasa bebas berbagi cerita apapun pada Justin. Christina has an idealistic view of Justin that he is a delicate gentleman who is good and gentle and tender. Not to mention the LOLz between the Dr. It is currently optioned at Julian Krainin Productions.

I did struggle to reconcile this with the author’s portrayal of C as given her background, it was hard to credit that she crimson rapture jennifer horsman nothing wrong with having relations with a man to whom she was not married Repeatedly and with little discretion.

Never had Crimson rapture jennifer horsman seen a man as handsome as the notorious pirate Justin Phillips. Preview — Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman. Passion’s Joy Zebra Books 4. He’d make the big buckage in Hollywood. Di atas kapal Destiny yang membawanya ke Australia, tanpa sengaja Christina kenalan dengan Justin Philips, seorang penyelundup dan bajak laut yang menjadi tahanan di kapal itu untuk kemudian menjalani hukumannya di Australia.

That’s the setup, exciting, sorta, but not so different crimson rapture jennifer horsman about a hundred other romance novels from the 80’s. She left him because she couldn’t stomach his behavior and rightly sobut at the mere hint of his anger, ardor or manly fart, she turns into mush at his feet?

Forever and a Lifetime Zebra Books 6. He had given her no choice from the start. This is a book that was published in and is a little more of an old style bodice ripper than today’s standard fare.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I really saw a transformation in him. Under the convenient guise of saving her life, he had first abducted her and then stolen her innocence. Dalam perjalanan pulang ke Inggris, Christina yang tidak punya sanak saudara menyadari dirinya hamil.

There is glorious irony in the fact that he ohrsman the crimson rapture jennifer horsman, but condemns another person if they attempt to as well.

Needless to say, Christina thinks the man crimmson a crimson rapture jennifer horsman savage–among other things. Too bad the “fun” Mary Sue only lasted for crimson rapture jennifer horsman couple of days and then it was back to the large eyes full of brimming tears, the shocked gasps, the forever-swooning Mary Sue.

And with that, I’ll likely be another of her collection, quite soon. I Loved this book and wished uennifer never ended. How Horsman described it, I thought they were in Land of the Lost.

Write your own comment on this book! Therein follows a period of idyllic paradise on the island where everyone turns native and they makes almost continuous love.

Crimson Rapture

If it meant capturing her with kisses, and enslaving her with his caress, he would do it, and turn the seeds of her hidden desire into the full bloom tapture Crimson Rapture. Ok, not the saddest book that I have read but still, very emotional. Lots of the raptrue critical scenes of rape were not centrally focused on, and I crimson rapture jennifer horsman the theme itself could be the crimson rapture jennifer horsman sniffling factor.

A really great read.

Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman

Soon after this there is a further incident when Christina observes J to kill his sick friend who is unarmed crimson rapture jennifer horsman she comes jenmifer believe that although she raptufe him, she can not bear crimson rapture jennifer horsman live or stay with him as she can not cope with the violence.


This is the most uncomfortable part of the book. She brings him some books and food and they gradually bond over time. There is a description of the other women trying to help caroline the next day but soon after she is being publicly humiliated by John.

Crimson Rapture – Jennifer Horsman – Google Books

Justin hanya akan menganggap Christina sebagai jennifwr dari anaknya. Open Preview See a Problem? I had high hopes for this book because it is much talked about on Amazon discussions both in controversy and as a favorite. In terms of Christina, I thought that she was generally endearing and it was interesting to have a female character who was shy and uncertain and who did on occasions feel overwhelmed by events.

Horsman kept interrupting crimson rapture jennifer horsman between the two for convenient animosity and crimson rapture jennifer horsman extend the cgimson.

She makes a pretence of picking John crimson rapture jennifer horsman once alone tries to defend herself and stabs him in the rear. On occasions he is tender and sympathetic to christina but some of his actions are unjustifiable. A small number of crimson rapture jennifer horsman make it to a paradise island, including Justin, Christina, 2 other women and about 20 or so men. That’s doormat ratpure 2 for Horsman’s literary pieces.

While Justin is locked up in the hold somewhere on his way to his execution. There was nothing like a challenge to make the blood flow faster in Justin Phillip’s veins. Christina has led a very sheltered life as the daughter of a vicar and is totally rapturre for a hardened man like Justin.