Fama Fraternitatis, Confessio Fraternitatis and the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (OMTO Series on Esotericism and Spirituality) [OMTO] on . Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – An Appeal for Ecology, Humanism, and the Fama Fraternitatis, in , the Rosicrucians publish the fifth Rosicrucian. Manifestes mit dem Titel Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis, eine geheimnisvolle. Positio Fraternitatis Rosae-Crucis, Manifeste Rosicrucien – Fama.

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And therefore in his writing he rather mocked these busy bodies, and doth not show them altogether what he was: And it is a great shame unto us, that wise men, so far remote the one from the other, should not only be of one opinion, hating all contentious writings, but also be so willing and ready under the seal of secrecy to impart their secrets to others.

At Fez he did get acquaintance with those which are commonly called the Elementary Inhabitants, who revealed unto him many of their secrets.

Also our building although one hundred thousand people had very near seen and beheld the same shall for ever remain untouched, undestroyed, and hidden to the wicked world. Also, might one examine all and several persons upon the earth, he should find that which is good and right, is always agreeing with itself; but all the rest is spotted with a thousand erroneous conceits. Many other inscriptions were seen about the apartment, including. Every year they assembled together with joy, and made a full resolution of that which they had done; there must certainly have been great pleasure, to hear truly and without invention related and rehearsed all the wonders which God had poured out here and there through the world.

Likewise we do not certainly know if these of the second row have been of the like wisdom as the first, and if they were admitted to all things. He was carried away secretly by at monk, who was an Albigensian adept from Languedoc.

After learning Arabic philosophy in Jerusalemhe was led to Damcar. After three years he returned again with good consent, shipped himself over Sinus Arabicus into Egypt, where he remained not long, but only took better notice there of the plants and creatures.

The Fraternity should remain secret one hundred years.

Rosicrucian Digest

And we pray all learned men to take heed of these kind of books; for the enemy never resteth but soweth his weeds, till a stronger one doth root it out. In the midst, instead fraternitatiss a tombstone, was a round altar covered over with a plate of brass, and thereon this engraven: Introduction by Alexandre David.


Senior hath the same, and some especial thing laid in earth, and perhaps likewise hidden. Nevertheless he built a fitting and neat habitation, in which he ruminated his rlsae, and philosophy, and reduced them together in a true memorial.

In Politia we acknowledge the Roman Empire and Quartam Monarchiam for our Christian head; albeit we know what alterations be at hand, and would fain impart the same with all our hearts to other godly learned men; notwithstanding our hand-writing which is in our hands, no man except God alone can make it common, nor any unworthy person is able to bereave us of it.

This vault we parted in three parts, the upper part or ceiling, the wall or side, the ground or floor. But here is too great weakness for such a great roaae.

Such a one likewise hath Theophrastus been in vocation and callings, although he was none of our Fraternity, yet nevertheless hath he diligently read over the book M: It is related to The Rosicrucian Fellowship but not formally affiliated with it. While making his alterationsthe Brother discovered a memorial tablet upon which were faternitatis the names of the early members of the Order. And although that as yet the Church was not cleansed, fraternihatis we know that they did think of her, and what with longing desire they looked for.

According to this Theorythose who have sough to record the events of the importance in connection with the Rosicrucian controversy have invariable failed because they approched their subject from a purely physical or materialistic angle. At Fez he did get acquaintance with those which are commonly called the Elementary Inhabitants, who revealed unto him many of their secrets.

The Rosicrucian Order – AMORC

So according to the will and meaning of Fra C. Soon afterward Father C. Wherefore he desired to this end, to have out of his first cloister to the which he bare a great affection three of his brethren, brother G.

Although this brother died in Ciprus, 4 and so never came to Jerusalem, yet our brother C. Fama Fraternitatis or A Discovery of the Fraternity of the Most Laudable Order of the Rosy Cross Seeing the only wise and merciful God in these latter days hath poured out so richly his mercy and goodness to mankind, where by we do attain more and cruvis to the perfect knowledge of fratefnitatis Son Jesus Christ and Nature, that justly we may boast of the happy time, wherein there is not only discovered unto us the half part of the world, which was heretofore unknown and hidden, but he hath also made manifest unto us many wonderful, and never heretofore seen, works and creatures of Nature, and moreover hath raised men, imbued with great wisdom, who might partly renew and reduce all arts in this our age spotted and imperfect to perfection; so that finally man might thereby understand his own nobleness and worth, and why he is called Microcosmus1 and how far his knowledge extendeth into Nature.


On Removing The altar and the brass palte beneath itto their surprise, they came upon the body of C.

Appellatio Fraternitatis | The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

The fourth decreed that each member should search for a worthy person to succeed him at his own demise. In England he is much spoken of; and chiefly because he cured a young Earl of Norfolk of the leprosy. After five years came again into his mind the wished for reformation; and in regard he doubted of the aid and help of others, although he himself was painful, lusty, and unwearying, he undertook, with some few joined with him, to attempt the same.

By means of this “astral form” they were able to function in the invisible realm of Nature, and in this realm, beyond reach of the ceucis, their Temple was located. Each of its seven sidesfive feet wide by eight feet in height, had well known symbols inscribed on it.

Although the sun never shined in this vault, nevertheless it was enlightened with another sun, which had learned this from the sun, and was situated in the upper part in the center of the ceiling. Hoc universi compendium unius mihi sepulchrum feci 7 Round about the first circle, or brim, stood, Jesus mihi omnia 8 In the middle were four figures, inclosed in circles, whose circumscription was, 1. Also she ought not much to rossae doubted of; or contradicted by other opinions, or meanings; but seeing the truth is peaceable, brief; and always like herself in all things, and especially accorded by with Jesus in omni parte and all members.