Author Ilona Andrews’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and Retribution Clause () (in Hex Appeal). Hi Ilona Please can we have more info on the Hex Appeal? jumP. For the folks who want to preorder, here’s the link. Ilona and Gordon have done it again. Now I want to know more about Adam and the magic users in Philadelphia. I hope there is a companion.

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I’m just so confused that I’m not sure if I even like it so I’ll rate it straight down the middle. One story I thought would be worth pursuing the series but was turned off by the blurbs. Lena Falco, the female protagonist, was not a particularly likable character. Jessie Mihalik is an author to watch.

Elrod How Do You Feel? Very wrong, I tell you! And if you had the power to cast a magic spell of your own, would you use it? I have no idea. And now that he’s found his mate, he’ll do anything to keep her. In fact, if it weren’t for those two stories, I’d rank this as a 4. Btw, thanks for setting a story in Philly! Good characters, great finish.

Not reading the rest of the series. Although this is a farily short story there is a mystery to solve and I enjoyed getting to meet these characters and explore this world further.

On the plus side, each short story was its own chapter so you can easily get between parts of the book.

It strains credulity andews me. Maybe it’s because she didn’t kill the first person she fed on?

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Hex Appeal Phoenix Chronicles by P. Grace Draven is a master of romantic heroic fantasy. Since I borrowed this from the library, I can’t go back and see what each story xndrews but this is what I do remember: It’s about a zombie known as Dead Boy who was killed in a mugging 30 years ago.

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The story is about a witch that works as a to register newly risen vampires. Not just the beginning, but the whole thing. Very good and original. The latter studies at Oklahoma University, so our wizard has to leave his familiar Chicago and his cast of andresw and visit the campus.

Holly is a resurrection witch, and yes that means she can resurrect the dead.

Ilona Andrews

I have to say that I am becoming such an Ilona Andrews fan girl that any anthology that has a story by them has an immediate leg up. Yes, that’s right, someone is resurrecting the victims so that they can murder them all over again, horrifying thought isn’t it?

Still good, but it left me with too many questions to be satisfying. It was a dark and stormy knight, and nine dark defenders embarked upon a most perilous quest.

Hex Appeal by P.N. Elrod

What was the “something wicked this way comes” that Hxe mentioned? I just reread the story, and saw something I missed in the first reading. I want to buy it! It is quite predictable and not too exciting. View all 5 comments. What newly married couple doesn’t dream of a romantic retreat iloa they can escape the world for a while – but what happens when supernatural forces intrude on their wedded bliss?

Oh, and there are vampires of the White Court involved. I read like 8 of those books, so seriously, I tried really hard.

Solved: Hex Appeal

Jul 05, Teresa rated it liked it. Bayou Moon 3. This actually became a joke of the series which overstayed its welcome. But I’m crossing my fingers that one day Holly will get her own series! Unfortunately, many of these made poor short stories for the simple reason that they had to expound huge amounts of backstory for you to understand the world, or they didn’t and you then didn’t understand what was going on.


I ilna NOT see that coming. Lori Handeland – I found this really interesting, only to discover upon research that the protagonist in this book it’s an offshoot of the Appeaal Chronicleswhom I liked, is kind of justifiably not happy with the protagonist in the actual series, which wouldn’t be so bad if the series itself weren’t in what appears to be publishing purgatory.

They are partnered together unwillingly and these two fight together in a demon killing job that leads to more than just kill the monsters. He works as an insurance adjuster; his main jobs are usually to adjust the claims by using brute force he has more than enough of this.

The couple were likeable and the story was interesting but I uex it andrewws little too easy to guess who the bad guy was, I guess that’s the hazard of short stories though andrewws there isn’t much time to introduce a lot of red herrings.

If any insurance adjusters read this, please do not be offended: