Shop Lutterloh System, The golden rule at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing Plastic Sewing Tools Curve Shaped Measure Ruler for Sewing Dressmaking. Browse Lutterloh Products on Create and Craft USA. Lutterloh Ruler. BOOK ID: LopjQueORV2 || [BOOK] Free Lutterloh Ruler Pdf Download. July 9th, – The Golden Rule Lutterloh sewing patterns system Shop.

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Or should one have more Lutterloh pattern experience before signing up for a class such as this? I’m hoping you find more help as you read our past postings. Looks like a pattern for neck facing in the back You can’t see that in the picture.

Lutterloh pattern system

Any suggestions would be wonderful. I’m in the UK and just bought the Lutterloh system, but the vest isn’t included.

And I used the actual size for a smaller, because always the patterns are too large for my sholders. Also Pierce, It will save you a lot of fabric to keep making paper patterns and paper fit. Since the upper and lower part are of very different sizes, the center front does not remain in a straight line. Anonymous July 3, at 4: These can be very handy. It isn’t a big deal if I run out of space I just add some paper with some clear tape.

Hi, luttetloh am interested in trying the Lutterloh system lutterpoh i was wondering what the differences are in a vintage edition of the book and a new one? I have been designing costumes for 25 years and discovered Lutterloh recently. What year was the pattern you were making from? If you’d like to read more please read the post “should Luttterloh use the x-xx large system or the tradional system” listed near the bottom of the list on the right. What arrived was a neat little book with illustrations and photos for sewing patterns, ca.


Pam from South Australia July 12, at 6: We are here to help you understand the system. If you go to this website: Anonymous April 12, at 6: Sep 21, The book is pretty small – it measures just 21 x I only need a couple of alterations to the patterns to lutteeloh them work for me. Angie, Have you tried contacting the Lutterloh distributor in your area?

I am surprised they didn’t give you the vest pattern. Karin Lutterllh went and did a day class with a Lutterloh representative and it all makes sense once you have made a couple of patterns for yourself. If it is a current pattern say in the last 5 of 6 years you can order suppliments and books ruldr one of the Lutterloh sites on the right hand bar.

Rulers, Lutterloh System – Economical Sewing

For these darts you will need to paper fit the pattern by holding it up to your body and mark the bust point. Hi, I have an inherited from my mum, The golden rulet, unfortunately for me, I don’t have any llutterloh the things in the kit, the tape measure, the curve.

Thank you for the suggestion to make a vest sloper pattern as a start. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. This should help with your button placement and any sewing questions the pattern bring up. I have made up the pattern for the vest but am also confused about the lack of info on darts and where to put the buttons.

The Golden Rule Lutterloh Kit s Tape Measure Original + card ruler | eBay

The finished designs look basic patterns with some design details. I lhtterloh probably try to make test vest first. There’s 2 patterns on each page. You’ll see that even Mr.

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Anonymous April 4, at 7: Anonymous October 24, at I’ve seen a few more vintage base kits too, that still cost less lutterlob buying the modern base kit. I’m sorry you couldn’t find the large bust adjustment.

The cotton wouldn’t ruleg a difference So if you’re interested in their vintage patterns, they are out there on ebay mostly from what I’ve seen now, the extension magazines or single patterns more than the books. Have you made the fitting vest first? Should I cut out the paper pattern with the above measurements and then add 6cm to each of the front vest pieces for a total of 12cm by adding a large bust adjustment?

After you make and adjust the vest if you haven’t learned what is causing the poor fit then go down one size and try that, make another vest these are quick lytterloh then go down another size.

Feel free to give it a try. I move the tack into my hip measurement and then I pull the tape to the last two marks and put my dots. We discuss the large bust adjustment and other problems the patterns can give you. Hi again, I apologize in advance for the multiple questions.

We have several listed on the right side bar.