19 Oct Hello SAP GurusDoes anoyone has documentation about Vendavo Price and Margin Management?? What I’m specially looking for is Vendavo and SAP. Today’s top 33 Sap Vendavo jobs in United States. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Sap Vendavo jobs added daily. Are all of these costs being tracked and allocated per each transaction? • Are strategies in place that are reflective of the customer segmentation? • Are winning .

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Kudos to you, if you have a Pricing team. Deal Manager helps in creating various kinds of deals well before rolling out the Invoices for the various transactions. What discounts are being given, who is giving it and why are they giving it. What can go wrong? Once you know the tricks for setting up a report for this export, it’s not hard to do, but it can be very tedious if the report has a lot of elements.

Other than new types of database connections, SAP has indicated that they will sxp be upgrading any functionality in “classic” Crystal. Vendavo has a great Analytics module. It can handle complex deal pricing. Vendavo General Free Trial —.

SAP PMM Vendavo Training

Investment Bankingemployees. You have done everything in your ambit to make your organization more profitable. These decisions need to be explained and backed by some reports that can be generated out of it. NET or Vendaco applications and websites.


SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo Documents

Apart from the above three modules, Pricing Application we work on also provides tools for Segmenting your data and perform analysis on that.

I particularly like being able to write my own queries instead of having Crystal write them for me. You have escaped from the jaws of oblivion.

You have implemented an ERP package and streamlined your processes. Another big strength venvavo that it can be customized to different business and segments.

The Deal Eap module tends to get slow when the line item size is large and if we have nested line items it gets slower. I don’t work at the same place but i think it would be silly not to renew.

Sap vendavo consultant Jobs

For all this, you need a rock solid pricing solution, which will integrate with your ERP package and help you manage your prices and make your bottom line look pretty. If it came up for a vote, Crystal Reports would not be adopted. Return on Investment It has allowed us to focus over 80 percent of the labor spent in the past on report distribution on other areas of the business. With this feature, I’ve been able to do some very complex reports this way.

SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo The SAP Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo helps you understand your pricing power, negotiate more competitively with customer procurement departments, reduce discounting, and stop profit leakage from rogue deals. It’s quite cumbersome, but I know how to use it fairly well. Better understanding of specific markets. So, Crystal doesn’t have newer chart types available. Global processes can be done in Vendavo with a single instance on most occasions with diverse business processes without compromising much of the current business processes.


The support community can be difficult to navigate. We have approximately 12 different vendors who supply various data feeds for our reports swp can get confusing sometimes. With multiple businesses divisions, myriad products, countless transactions, various Geographical locations and a huge salesforce, pulling all the strings is very difficult.

When all this are presented on a platter to your Pricing team, you should look at their eyes. Breadth of Deployment It is not widely adopted; Crystal Reports is a niche that is allowed to co-exist with the Vendabo corporate standard.

The users of Vendavo make some critical pricing decisions. Vendavo’s vehdavo optimization module is an interesting new introduction. I’ve also run into issues with my login. You might think, no we do have a Pricing team.

We do Value based Pricing. Price Optimization Manager is an award winning solution from Vendavo which will empower your Sales force to make better deals and help plug leakages in your Margin calculation. Srikanth has vast experience in the Vendavo Implementation space with experience of working on a variety of Customer verticals.

J Hieber Consulting Medical Practiceemployees. Ten Cate Textilesemployees.