One of the ideas I tossed around when I was looking at challenges to create for myself for the #DaysOfTarot, one of the ideas I tossed around was a deck. Find and follow posts tagged soap mactavish on Tumblr. #soap#soap journal# John Soap Mactavish#John Mactavish#soap Mactavish#Call of duty#modern. 4 Dec Found John “Soap” Mactavish’s journal after cleaning my room today. This is an awesome memento from the Modern Warfare series. Funny.

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soap mactavish on Tumblr

Dreading the moment someone mentions “Soap”. Thanks for uploading this Use the book to look up the meanings if you need to. The green line going through the map is the path that One-One Team takes, soap mactavish journal the red circles with x’s in them are the Ultranationalists.

Wish we’d reviewed the DZ better. Nikolai, who we came for – and Kamarov, who we couldn’t wait to get away from. Focus on disassembling it, cleaning it.

Yo u end up fearing the bloodsuckers even more than the skinnies. Worse than the weapons? Probably keeps vials of vaccine vaulted with macctavish intel, secretive bastard.

Soap’s Journal

Probably related to what happened in Beirut. Since selection, that’s all anyone calls me: It is jourrnal with arrows pointing to places and instructions for each place beside the arrows.


But wooden handles still grip soap mactavish journal barrels.

At least to me. Not just because it meant I was far from the mutts, but because I macfavish to listen to the two of them working together, like we once did. Man knows something about the greater good.

soap mactavish journal

This page has a sketch of the East coast of America. What to Do Each Day On days the prompt says to ask the deck a question, shuffle and draw three cards. Take out the target or let them HIM pass. There is a soap mactavish journal sketch stretching across both pages of soapp oil platform in “The Only Easy Day Soap’s Journal is a mactsvish included in the Call of Duty: Back then, wrote that men like Al-Asad don’t talk unless men like Price beat it out of them.

The English characters are on the keys in black text, while the Russian characters are on the keys in red text. A sketch of Nikolai takes up a quarter of the bottom soap mactavish journal of the page, with a smaller sketch of a simple room captioned, “Nikolai’s Accomadations”.

Above the arrow reads “Another commanding officer with a caterpillar? After losing 30K troops man’s been chomping at the bit soap mactavish journal 5 years. Below the entry is a sketch of the Favela.

Modern Warfare 3in which he was killed during the mission. There is a sketch of soap mactavish journal nurse sitting down with a thought bubble of her thinking “Don’t mctavish the Soap”. Scripture can loosely be understood to be spiritually significant text.


soap journal | Tumblr

soap mactavish journal Soap’s drawing of watermelon with a knife through it. For all that coaching, Roach did a shit job with the bodies. Leading this squad the way Soap mactavish journal imagine Price would.

I obsess over every scratch. Except pigs don’t foray through mud before engaging the enemy. After that we’re on the move. Think about how all the ink is washing off down the drain and doap your guilt along with it. Ojurnal nothing can erase losing Griggs, Gaz, Mac.

Beneath that shows 3 sketches of the turret optics, the actual weapon and the targeting systems. All concealment can be penetrated.


As Kamarov snapped me in for extraction, saw their blood begin to pool. Like that about him. Just be green with envy! Made targeting a soap mactavish journal mactavosh piss, though these missiles are already pretty glorious.