Born into one of Pakistan’s most influential families, Tehmina Durrani was raised in the privileged milieu of Lahore high society and educated at the same school. Tehmina Durrani, a Pakistani English authoress, in her autobiography My Feudal Lord describes her traumatic marital life with Gulam Mustafa Khar, an important. 20 Jul Titled My Feudal Lord, and described on the cover of the Corgi edition With her politically explosive story to tell, Tehmina Durrani was in need.

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When asked for a divorce, though much pained, he granted one without much of a fuss. Mental torture I’d call this book.

Feb 13, brat gaba rated it did not like it. And this exiled community dreams of dislodging Zia forcibly.

After their return from India, Mustafa and Tehmina file for separation tehmija the court of law in England. She cheats on her husband with Mustafa knowing he is already married and also his reputation.

Say that to a woman who has ever suffered a blow from her so-called husband! The shame had burned it down to ashes.

Our elite, celebrity, intellectuals endorse minds that hail from their own class.

Tehmina Durrani

When she decided to rebel, the price she paid was extremely high: I am not saying anything written in this book is wrong because I very well belong to the same society.

I lost interest by the repetition of the same torture she allowed herself to go through. Seeing that she left her first daughter to tehmia her feudal lord, she doesn’t come off as such a devoted and loving mother for me to buy that argument.


How do you justify emphasizing the short term delights endangering the long term goals? I’m disgusted with him for the most part.

True, mmy book was somewhat self-serving in its martyred tone, but I can’t believe all the WOMEN who insinuate that she got what she deserved. His words enthuse Tehmina and she starts believing that soon her country shall be free from the clutches of martial law imposed by the military government. Mustafa exhibits a classic sadistic stream, he lashes out by striking her, his temper revoked by slightest of in-coordination or non-compliance. Though her accounts of Mustafa Khar are generally perceived as false accusations Some say it’s too depressing to be trueI rather found it easy to relate to Durrani as a real women.

But it was really shocking to read the story. How many have jealously guarded their spouses, and how many smart people have been rendered irrational by jealousy?

They chattered endlessly about disobedient servants, clothes, jewellery and interior decorations….

Women of Pakistan – Tehmina Durrani – My Feudal Lord

I was expecting a below average book in terms of content and style like most famous biographies. For starters she herself is not that clean but honest nonetheless, as she was having extra-marital affair with Mustafa Khar when she was already married something she reports here, it seems to me that some women enjoy the company of powerful men, not that those powerful men aren’t good seducers She looses the custody of her first child to her husband who is way more subtle compared to Mustafa Khar, but whom she married after convincing to her parents that she loves him like anything and would live happily ever-after with him.

We never think good of them anyway but never expected them to be of quite this level either. Some 10 minutes into the session, she was interrupted by a commotion outside the hall by people who were not being allowed to enter. All those at Lahore Literary Festival will not try to listen and understand nobodies from Waziristan.


Book Review | My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani

Neither has she left many of her own wrongdoings unrecorded, as the judgements passed on her by most of these reviews, prove. It also resulted in her authoring his narrated autobiography, “A Mirror to the Blind” Politics in Pakistan begins changing with the execution of Bhutto in But the results of these are drastic as Mustafa batters her with the butt of his double-barrelled shotgun and strips her nude, taking away from her even the last vestige of security.

Many points in the book didn’t ring true however. Maya Khan feudzl art thou? This extends to sexual domination of the wife by the husband. The funeral prayers for Younus took place at the Edhi centre in Kharadar.

Sep 19, Sharron E. That was the social ethos which inculcated itself into her being.

A kind of ideological affinity makes the two of them return together to Pakistan upon which Mustafa is immediately arrested at the tfhmina. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or derived from. Overcome by his physical assaults, Tehmina finally raises her voice telling him: