Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he. The art of thinking. by Dimnet, Ernest, Publication date Topics Thought and thinking. Publisher New York, Simon and Schuster. Collection.

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However, no abnormal condition will be dealt with in the following pages. Everybody too is conscious of spells during which his mind is at its best, works the art of thinking ernest dimnet and infallibly. It all boils down to the dangers Dickens used to walk and walk through the streets of London in the small hours of the night when he could meet only sleepy policemen or stray cats.

In the meantime he delivers himself up to the influence of his teacher, sometimes of the top boy, a French institution of which no Steerforth can give an idea. Obstacles To Thought 5. Keep it on a bedside table and read it to compose your mind at night and to arouse it in the morning.

Notes from “The Art of Thinking,” , by Ernest Dimnet

Today literature has routed all its rivals, even science, no matter how idolized, and it is so in schools as it is in life. The predominance of sports in schools, in the national life, in the press, not only crowds out what is or should be more important, but it creates an atmosphere in which these important things are made to appear superfluous, or are even described in extremely disrespectful slang. But it is chiefly a phantasm acquired in school days, the habit of thinking of the blank sheets lying under the one we are writing upon, hating their breadth and length, and wondering how they can ever be all scribbled over.

Ye Lu rated it really liked it Dec 21, Nowhere is it so apparent as in the United States. Philosophy Now Forum For the discussion of all things the art of thinking ernest dimnet, especially articles in the magazine Philosophy Now. Hating the art of thinking ernest dimnet and playing the art of thinking ernest dimnet it rather cruelly is a healthy exercise of the faculties: The contempt of the eagle for crawling creatures will fall upon them.

Ernest DimnetFrench priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinkinga popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. But it is chiefly because their superiority of intellect traces the shortcomings they are conscious of to bad methods of which they were the victims in childhood. The obsession becomes worse when the formidable reader is known to be in the flesh.


But no attempt at brightening it with Alma-Tadema pictures can conjure away the declensions, conjugations and modes. The plain fact is that the boy who shows the greatest activity or initiative on the game field is not by any means always the one who asks the most intelligent questions. I still read it without much difficulty when I have to, but it is not often, and if I had to talk, I know I should be ridiculous.

He does not think of his declensions as something difficult or something easy, but the art of thinking ernest dimnet something which everybody has to learn and does learn. Readers of Boswell do not doubt that Johnson was an extraordinary conversationalist, but how few students of English literature have a clear notion that a decade or two of the eighteenth century would never have been called the Age of Johnson had it been only for the Dictionary, Rasselas or the Lives of the Poets?

Very old book that I read long ago and want to re-read someday. While you say “thought,” is it, or is it not possible that you see a man’s head, or his brow, or the inside of his head visualized, not as a horrible brain jelly, but perhaps as a more or less complicated wire frame destined to classify and keep in place the results arrived at, or as an infinitely delicate clockwork?

The contrary would probably have been the fact. Tye 28, Shirleen rated it really liked it. So, these thoughts which are your own and not mine are exterior to this book. We feel sure that we are not infrequently conscious of conclusions, practical or speculative arrived at the art of thinking ernest dimnet the help of images.

Philosophy Now Forum

Exactly the same phenomenon can take place in our minds. Nothing is as exciting as the hunt after thoughts or facts intended to elucidate a question tje think vital to usand the enjoyment of writing when the hunt has been successful is an unparalleled reward for intellectual honesty.

The fact is that wealth is injurious egnest art, but artists cannot live without a certain the art of thinking ernest dimnet of success. The thinker is preeminently a man who thee where others do not. The art of thinking ernest dimnet Romanticists were proud of this sensitiveness and tire us by too frequent allusions to it, but it exists all the same, even in apparently robust intellects. The stream runs fast and so deep between its brambly sides that it is impossible to see anything clearly in it.

Dr Aziz Gazipura PsyD.


It does not occur to one in a thousand, of course, that he was more intelligent when he was eight than now when he is fifty, but it is no less true that the relationship we feel between ourselves and even the man who dazzles us is founded on recollections tne great hours or on recollections of childhood; “I have deteriorated” we rightly think; or “I am a victim, Tninking have had the art of thinking ernest dimnet luck.

French grammar cannot be made easy. Do not read good books. Preference for thhe, especially general ideas allowing simplified visions, is a French trait, even when terrible consequences may be the result. Utilitarianism in education is as disastrous to culture as so-called easy methods are to scholarship.

However, our point is that it can be worse than this.

I am not like So and So. Sometimes you may have enjoyed following the thinkinb or the music with more than usual clarity; oftener the art of thinking ernest dimnet speech or the motif have given a chance to some lurking activity deep in you and, during an hour, you have been at your most personal.

The passion of the French for ideas makes them imagine that when an idea has been expressed, its own virtue will be sufficient to get it realized. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use dminet Privacy Policy. After all there are other useful things besides French.

Ernest Dimnet

Shortly after the Russian Revolution, inhalf a dozen people in a Paris salon were indulging in the then familiar pastime of comparing the Czar with The art of thinking ernest dimnet the Sixteenth, the Czarina with Marie-Antoinette, Kerensky with the Girondists, etc.

Is it not a fact ths we can tell an educated man from erndst, not merely by his manners and language, nor even by his information, but chiefly by his capacity for resisting another man’s thought and defending his own views? I have seen an intelligent and even, at tunes, scintillating man deteriorate long before his time, because he used at first to save every brilliant thought coming to the art of thinking ernest dimnet, for a better occasion, and gradually resent even producing such thoughts, as the torpedo-fish may resent discharging his electricity in the conviction that it must exhaust him.

Poets know inspiration, but ary also know periods of aridity during which they live on hope, or faith, and memory. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.