View and Download Yupiteru MVT operating instructions manual online. Wide band hand held receiver. MVT Receiver pdf manual download. View and Download Yupiteru MVT owner’s manual online. multiband receiver. MVT Receiver pdf manual download. Yupiteru MVT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yupiteru MVT- Owner’s Manual.

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The MVT comes with a switch which can be used to keep the backlight on if so desired. External power should only be applied to the radio when it has been equipped with rechargeable batteries or the batteries have been removed from the radio. If you would like to share your thoughts about this owner’s guide, have suggestions for its improvement or have further questions, feel free yupiteru mvt-7100 manual send me e-mail.

Shipped from the factory, the beep tone is enabled which can be verified by the presence of the BEEP indicator. When the last frequency has been yupiteru mvt-7100 manual, the radio will return to VFO mode. The PGM indicator disappears. The three minor modes are: Band This mode is used to search one of the 10 yupiteru mvt-7100 manual bands. Step size A value in Hertz Hz or kiloHertz kHz that indicates the amount by which a frequency will be changed due to user or radio control while searching yupiyeru active transmissions or using a VFO.

The SKIP indicator appears. mbt-7100

MVT Owner’s Guide

Now in VFO mode 3. Once engaged, the Battery Yupiteru mvt-7100 manual puts the radio “to sleep” for a period of time, then “wakes up” briefly to check for an active transmission. To enable Skip 1. The ATT indicator disappears. Key in the 3-digit channel number 2. If you have a known frequency which you would like to skip while performing a search, it can be placed in a special memory.


The step size will be replaced with a flashing P indicator while the frequency cursor points to a frequency in the list 4. The MVT yupiteru mvt-7100 manual be programmed with a priority channel which, when priority is enabled, will be checked every five seconds for activity.

Signals can be received on the frequency while it is being displayed. Display the desired priority channel 2. Press the appropriate number key or use the rotary control to select it. Signals which enter the radio yupiteru mvt-7100 manual are too powerful for it to handle, may result in various forms of interference.

Bank Program This mode is used to scan every programmed memory channel which has been specially tagged with the program scan setting PGM indicator from up to four specified banks from Specify up to four banks from by pressing the appropriate digit keys 3.

The SCAN indicator appears. Select the desired receive mode 4. Note that CH does not blink.

Yupiteru MVT-7100 Owner’s Manual

Search Band Programming Mode Contents. This mode yupiteru mvt-7100 manual you to display and edit the contents of the Search Pass memory. Skip The skip feature may be used during scanning to make sure the scan does not yupitetu on any active frequency more than 5 seconds.

On most radios, this feature is referred to as channel lockout. Use the rotary control or arrow keys to display any remaining frequencies in yupiteru mvt-7100 manual memory. Memory bank An association of memory channels.

The radio will reset and then go to VFO mode. The PGM indicator appears. Searching Searching for new frequencies can be performed using the VFO frequency as the starting point.

Even if you do yupiteru mvt-7100 manual power in this manner with rechargeable batteries, leaving the radio plugged in continually will manuual and overheat the batteries.

Three of yupiteru mvt-7100 manual numeric keys are used to specify the battery saver level: The MVT has 1 priority channel which is located at the end of “normal” memory.


Before a band is used to perform a search, it should be programmed with a starting and ending frequency as well yupiteru mvt-7100 manual mvt-71000 step size and receive mode to be used during the search. See Scan Pass and Search Pass for more information.


Go to VFO mode 2. Yupiteru mvt-7100 manual a search band search operation is started, the Attenuator can be enabled or disabled as is deemed necessary. Attenuator The attenuator setting for the priority channel can be changed at any time.

Scan Pass Associated with each memory channel is a yupiteru mvt-7100 manual which allows that channel to be skipped during scan operations. Press the number corresponding to the search band this data is to be programmed for yupiteru mvt-7100 manual. Such signals may effect frequencies to either side or can even desensitize the receiver so that it may kanual be able to receive signals it normally can.

Scanning In this mode, the scanning operation checks the specified banks for active transmissions on the programmed frequencies within those banks.

Yupiteru MVT-7100 Manuals

A frequency can be passed so it is not checked during a search operation. Stored yupiteru mvt-7100 manual each search band are a starting frequency, ending frequency, receive mode and step size.

This guide goes through the operation of the MVT in a step by step process starting with the basics and builds up to the operation of the more advanced features.

Display the desired memory channel 2.

To copy to the priority channel 1. To extend the operating time of the radio, the Battery Saver feature is used.